There’s a reason that so many clients trust us with their well-being

My memory is better as well as my patience

I wanted to try out neurofeedback because I was impatient, anxious, and had a problem getting overwhelmed when I faced problems, conflict or more than one thing to do at a time. After NF I would be in the middle of tasks and realize I did not feel that way. I was amazed! I would actually wonder why I was not feeling trapped with a list of tasks I needed to accomplish. I realized it was the NeurOptimal Neurofeedback training. My wife and my manager at work are a heck of a lot happier with my performance now than they were before NF. I couldn’t remember what I did the day before and couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do. Faced with challenges to my tasks I would get overwhelmed and snap at others. Now I find myself much more patient and even my memory is better.

  • Alan Nicholson  (Readjustment Counselor/Social Worker at Miami Vet Center)

Reduced hyper-vigilance and decreased anxiety

I am a 50%-disabled combat Veteran with PTSD, since OIF in 2003-4.  I had challenges with relationships, sleeping habits, anger management, and anxiety for a decade, and had literally come to accept that as the expectation for my life.  After just 5 NeurOptimal Neurofeedback sessions, I was sleeping through the night, was more peaceful, less hyper-vigilant and less anxious. These challenges were met seamlessly in my life, and I was not even aware of the changes from day to day.  I now have 13 sessions behind me, and I realize even more peace and tranquility after each session. My improvement is clear and obvious and I am amazed at how much progress I’ve made.  WOW! I am thankful for the Neurofeedback sessions at Brain Training For You.

  • SFC Lawrence G. Stuart, USA (Retired)

Efficient cognitive processing

Neurofeedback has lessened and improved many of the cognitive issues that have plagued me since being exposed to blast waves and the trauma one faces in war. Since beginning, I’ve experienced clearer thoughts and have felt more efficient in processing cognitively. I’ve also had improved sleep quality and an increase in overall well – being. Unlike many other forms of “healing therapies”, I’ve enjoyed neurofeedback very much due to its passive nature, which does not involve talking or invasive questions. I highly recommend neurofeedback to anyone suffering from TBI or any other cognitive functioning issues and/or anxiety disorders.

  • H.A., USMC

Increased social interaction without anxiety

While attending a seminar I had trouble calming down and sleeping. Gina Fitzpatrick was at this event and recommended I try Neurofeedback. She explained it as a way of training my brain to reduce anxiety, depression, heighten my level of focus, attention and increase calmness.

I was suffering from depression PTSD as a result of being shot and raped. Turning into myself as a result of triggers, most notably strangers, I had a fear of strangers especially men.

What I found with several treatments is that I had better mood, I was more focused and had a general sense of well-being. I am much more relaxed and able to have increased social interaction without anxiety.

Other changes I noticed are better sleep, more flexible in my thinking process, and a sense of calmness I haven’t had in years.

I will continue to have treatments with Gina when I am in the Ft. Lauderdale area. She is so knowledgeable and able to easily answer the questions releasing the fear I felt the first time I tried a treatment. I know she uses the neurofeedback on herself as well as her family. I can certainly trust someone who does that. I recommend neurofeedback to my clients,  I wish I had Gina in the Orlando area.

  • C. Campbell

Sleeping better and PTSD nightmares stopped

When I first considered trying neurofeedback I was hesitant, but Gina came highly recommended from someone I trust so I went for it. I was AMAZED at the results! After my first session I was already sleeping better which was a huge relief because that is one of the biggest problems I had. After a few more sessions my PTSD nightmares stopped and I had more clarity during the day to think. My productivity went up and life all around got so much less stressful and more fulfilling. Now I recommend Gina’s neurofeedback to anyone who will listen.

  • Omar Burgos